[uncountable] the desire of the people who.

: consciousness of and loyalty to a distinct region with a homogeneous population.

advocacy of such division. .



] are relics," notes R. [noncount] : interest in or loyalty to a particular region. .

] are relics," notes R.

2. the principle or system of dividing a city, state, etc. It is related to the ideology of sectionalism.

a feeling of loyalty to a particular part of a country and a wish for it to be more politically independent. [count] : a word.

Regionalism is the development of political and economic systems based on loyalty to distinct geographic regions.


loyalty to one's home region; regional patriotism. One way global politics is connected is through regionalism.

, the perceived difference between Southerners and New Englanders is one example of regionalism. Advocacy of.

It is related to the.


The term regionalism has many different meanings, depending whether you're talking about economics, international relations, local politics, or even language.

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S. How to use regionalism in a sentence. a. Learn more. It is related to the. This regionalism is also more of a mindset that one develops over time, even nationalism is no different.


. The study of global politics includes exploring the different ways the world is connected.

As it defined a method, an attitude, Critical Regionalism hasn’t come to define a particular architecture, with its interpretations and exponents varying widely.




The word “pop” for “soda” is a Midwest regionalism.