This Latin name means “evening star” and has a romantic, dreamy feel to it.


Aster: A Greek name meaning “ star ”. .



Brigid – Irish/Celtic goddess of fire. . Estelle.

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A tribute to the magic of the universe that surrounds us, these names refer to stars, planets, and the ancient myths that they have given birth to. The meaning translates to be "goddess of the stars" or "like a star," but the name has also been tied to a Latin meaning, "like a star.

Leda - Astronomy, a moon of Jupiter.

Arin: Meaning “mountain of strength”.

. It has a magical, enigmatic sound, giving it that mystical aura.

Aurora – Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew. Atlas – Greek Titan condemned to hold up the celestial heavens for eternity.


Ariel: More than a Disney name, Ariel is an enduring nonbinary Biblical name meaning “lion of God”.

The name Saros comes from the term ‘Saros Cycle’, a period in which eclipses repeat themselves.

Asterope – A name for one of the asteroids. Equulei. Heavenly names are common among celestial baby names.

Mina. Larissa - Astronomy, a moon of Neptune. This name also refers to a star in Scorpio. Mina. Celestial names are a sure way to make your baby girl or baby boy stand out on the playground. This Latin name means “evening star” and has a romantic, dreamy feel to it.


The Prettiest Celestial Baby Girl Names. .



The down side: the Harry Potter character Bellatrix, played by Helena Bonham.


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